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The great American gun debate; are more guns a safer America? The Christian Science monitor

I came across this last night and I found it very interesting even though it is somewhat long. It does look at both sides of the gun issue and seems to be neutral so I thought some of you might like it. I added a couple of quotes that might give you a taste of what the article is all about

quoted:Complicating this rise of the concealed gun in America, new research on the psychology of what is called "embodied cognition" suggests that simply the act of holding a gun shades one's perceptions, sometimes at odds with reality.

Quoted: While that may be harsh, even some concealed-carry proponents see a strain of disturbing behavior among some carriers.

"Acting like a deadly threat is imminent, walking around stores jerking your head around ... 'on a swivel,' planning your tactical movement from the gas pump to the cash register IS paranoid behavior, unless you live in Fallujah," writes one permit holder on a concealed-carry Internet forum. "Acting like every situation involves a critical threat is goofy.... Don't confuse life with movies."

Are they talking about us, are we that paranoid?

make sure you take the 2nd amendment quiz at the bottom of the article

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