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border wars, rock throwers and the border agents... are we doing any good?

there is a stretch of Nogales a 'flashpoint' of rocking attacks against border agents. the fight against illegal drugs is on going with new ways to scale the fence and rock throwers to occupy the agents so the runners can do their jobs

[b]Quoted:[/b]Agents have several less-lethal long-range alternatives. The pepper-ball launching system, essentially a modified paintball gun, can fire more than 10 balls per second filled with pepper spray, letting agents saturate an area up to 60 feet away with irritating vapors. The longer-range FN-303, a rifle-style weapon, uses compressed air to shoot “kinetic impact” projectiles, similar to rubber bullets, which are meant to incapacitate people without killing them. The sting-ball grenade is a hand-thrown grenade that sets off a flash and a loud bang, exploding several hundred small rubber balls, quickly clearing an area.

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