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Orange County Sheriff's office continues relaxed CCW requirements (California)

Back on February 13th, the gun world went crazy over the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that essentially struck down the restrictive requirements to show imminent threat of harm in order to receive a concealed carry license. Monday, the 9th Circuit issued a stay on it's own ruling due to filings from California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the Brady Campaign, and the California Police Chiefs Association.

Regardless of the fact that the only person with legal standing to appeal the ruling is San Diego County Sheriff William Gore, the 9th Circuit issued the stay and is likely to hear the case again en banc - a hearing in front of 10 of the judges from the court as opposed to the traditional 3 judge panel.

But there's a bright spot in this news and that's Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. After the ruling, Sheriff Hutchens relaxed the requirements as was required by the court. Impressively given she is a California official, Sheriff Hutchens is keeping the relaxed requirements during the stay.

According to Sheriff's spokesman Jeffrey Hallock the department doen't interpret the stay as changing the bottom-line effect of the panel's 2-1 decision.

"We're maintaining until the opinion has been withdrawn and we're continuing to accept the concealed-weapons permit - with self-protection and self-defense as good cause," Hallock said. "If the opinion is withdrawn, then we'll revisit it."