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Courthouse gunman turns out to have Airsoft pistol (Florida)

On February 28th, a 59-year-old man named Robert Striffler was seen brandishing a handgun outside the Moore Justice Center in Viera, Florida. The courthouse was locked down and Brevard County SWAT responded in force, surrounding the suspect and all entrances to the courthouse.

At one point, Striffler put his weapon into his waistband and SWAT took the opportunity to attempt a less than lethal resolution to the situation. There were two attempts to Taser the gunman which only resulted in Striffler becoming more agitated and aggressive. His response was to pull the weapon from his waistband and become more aggressive towards the deputies.

The three hour standoff ended when deputies shot and killed Striffler with a single shot.

After the fact, it was revealed that the weapon Striffler was holding was a Crosman Stinger P311 airsoft gun. He had removed the orange tip used to identify it as a toy.

Seems like a pretty clear case of suicide by cop.

This is the third person shot and killed this year for threatening Brevard County deputies with airsoft or BB guns that looked like real weapons.
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