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You can't replace my kids. All I was thinking about was my kids (Georgia)

"You can't replace my kids. All I was thinking about was my kids’ protection," says Jason Bagley.

Jason Bagley was in his East Point, Georgia apartment with his two daughters - an infant and a 2-year-old around 9:30 Friday night when a recent string of crime got all to real. Jason's apartment complex, Landmark at Creekside Grand, has seen a rash of burglaries - nine burglaries since January 5th.

"My lights were off, my wife's car was gone, someone was definitely watching us -- not a good feeling," Jason said.

Jason was startled by the sound of someone kicking in the back door. He grabbed his Glock 19 and went to investigate the noise. What he saw was his two daughters, his TV on the ground, and an unknown man running towards the back door. Jason fired four rounds.

He's not sure if he struck the criminal but he definitely fired with a purpose. "There's been a few break in's here and I was hoping I might be the guy to stop that," Jason told WSB-TV.

The criminal did get away with a smartphone and a Macbook Pro.

He may or may not have stopped the crime wave... only time will tell. But he definitely caused yet another criminal to destroy a pair of his own underwear.