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Homeowner hears door get kicked in, grabs a gun (North Carolina)

A Leicester, North Carolina homeowner had some good reactions Thursday after hearing his front door kicked in. The homeowner retrieved his handgun just as two home invaders came through the door.

The homeowner opened fire on the intruders but was not sure he hit them as the two men immediately fled the scene. Around half an hour later, a man showed up at Mission Hospital with a gunshot wound. Police were trying to make a connection between the man and the invasion but he was unable to speak due to his injuries.

Sheriff Van Duncan said, "The homeowner was in his residence. He heard what he thought was someone kicking in the front door. He met two individuals entering the house. The homeowner had a pistol and fired shots and thinks he hit one of the people coming into the house". Duncan went on to say the homeowner was within his rights to fire at the intruders.

Stacey Eugene Lail and Chico Talbert have been arrested in connection with the invasion.