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Judge accepts SYG defense in the middle of a trial (Florida)

He first rejected the SYG plea in a pretrial hearing and then switched gears half way through the main trial.

Quoted: Unlike in many other Stand Your Ground cases, victim Federico Cortes did not die. As a consequence, the two gave conflicting testimony about what happened that night. Cortes, 34, claims he pulled a knife after Roelofsen threatened him with a gun, and that a chase ensued after Cortes used the knife. Roelofsen, also 34, says he deployed his gun only after Cortes used his knife. In both scenarios, the two are in a fight outside a bar that escalated from a dispute in the bathroom. There is no dispute that Roelofsen was stabbed in the chest, nor that he chased Cortes 100 to 150 feet before he shot him.

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