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Senior citizen shoots at intruder, shoots his own hand (Montana)

23 year old Orion Alonso was shitfaced and thought he was at his own house in Bozeman, Montana. Of course, he thought he was locked out of his house so he was banging on the doors and windows.

In reality, Alonso was at the home of 74-year-old Carl Craft. Carl heard the banging, called 911, and grabbed a firearm to see what was going on. Confronted with an angry, violent, and very drunk attacker trying to break down the door, Carl fired a shot into the door.

Carl missed the intruder but he did manage to hit his own hand.

This shot did not scare off Alonso who continued pounding on the door until police arrived on the scene and arrested him.

Was it poor training? An adrenaline dump from the stress? And elderly man who was scared? Or just bad luck?

Posts: News / Senior citizen shoots at intruder, shoots his own hand (Montana)

Posted By: dopey137
03/16/14 08:02 PM

Posted By: Jason
03/16/14 08:41 PM

We can only go with what the news publishes (which you have to take for what it is). Where did you get the additional information? Is it anywhere in public record?

According to all of the local media reports Alonso made a statement to police that he thought it was his house.
Posted By: paullouis
03/16/14 11:08 PM

"In reality", Orion Alonso was not a "violent" "attacker trying to break down the door", and he did not think he was at his own door. He was walking home (because he had turned down a ride from someone whom he judged was not in condition for driving), slipped on ice, fell in a puddle, and as a result was wet and freezing in the Montana night. Orion knocked on the door of a house (where it appeared someone was home) to ask for help. Apparently the man in the home overreacted by assuming that someone was trying to break in, and shot through his door—spraying Orion with glass fragments near his eyes, and almost shooting him in the head. When the police found him he was not "pounding" on the door, but rather was on the ground, shivering, stunned by getting sprayed with broken glass, and at that point barely conscious. I am so sorry to hear that the gentleman has damaged his hand, but that was not the fault of Orion. This was not an example of responsible gun ownership.

[NOTE: I've re-posted this comment under my proper username. I had previously accidentally registered with the wrong username.]
Posted By: paullouis
03/16/14 11:34 PM

Response to Jason: Thanks for asking from where did I get the additional info. I've been in contact with Orion Alonso. I've known him since he was a baby. He is a kind and thoughtful young man. Of course "all of the local media reports" are mostly just copied from one source (as there is sadly a lack of independent reporting nowadays). I'm not blaming the police officers for any misinformation. At the time Orion was knocking on the door, he was asking for help and knew he was not at his own home. As I previously described, after freezing and shivering for a while, and then getting blasted with some broken glass from the gunshot, he was knocked down. When the police found him he was barely conscious, and at that point didn't really know what the hell was going on. In that state, he may have told the officers that he was home, or mumbled something about "home".

Hope we can all take just about any media report with a few pounds of salt.