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Felon Arrested After Defensive Gun Use (Ohio)

According to the police report, Artises Wirt and a woman were in their apartment last night in Richmond Heights, Ohio when two men broke into their home and fired several shots at them. None of the shots struck Artises or the woman.

Artises then grabbed a gun and returned fire from his couch, so the robbers high-tailed it out of there. After they left, Artises saw blood on the floor and realized he struck one of the robbers.

Shortly after, police saw the suspected getaway car of the robbers and began a chase that exceeded 100 mph. Officers were called off of the chase for the benefit of public safety (much better to let armed and dangerous criminals keep going).

The wounded robber called 9-1-1 and said that he was shot while walking down the street in Cleveland. He was taken to MetroHealth where his bloody clothes were taken into evidence and swabs were taken from his wounds to compare DNA against swabs taken at the scene.

Police are now looking for the man because they were not notified that the man was being discharged from the hospital.

Artises Wirt was placed under arrest because the weapon he used to defend himself, his home, and the woman he was with was reported stolen in 2010. According to court records Artesis spent six months in prison in 2007 after pleading guilty to possessing or trafficking drugs. He was sentenced to one year on probation in 2009 after pleading guilty to two counts of drug trafficking near a school.