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Detroit grandfather beats intruder with a hammer! (Michigan)

Just don't fuck with a man who spent his whole life in Detroit. Don't do it.

82-year-old George Bradford is the most recent example of that. Sunday night, the home George has owned since 1968 was broken into by a 33-year-old scumbag. George was home with his elderly mother (I mean... how?), his daughter, and his granddaughter at the time. George's daughter called 911 while George went to confront the man.

George told the man to leave and the man refused. So George... smashed him in the head with a hammer. The man managed to stay on his feet but wobbled and begged George not to kill him.

When officers responded to the 911 call moments later they found the intruder bleeding profusely from his head. He was treated on the scene and taken into custody

What did the family think of the octogenarian defending his three most important ladies? "I was just glad that he did it because me and everyone else in the house was safe," 12-year-old granddaughter Shelby Bradford said. Trina Bradford, George's daughter, said, "I have a good dad. A very good dad."

George had a message for anyone thinking of robbing the house again: "It won't be a hammer next time."