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Miami Herald calls out hypocrisy over finger gun suspensions

A refreshing article from writer Leonard Pitts of the normally anti-gun Miami Herald. Leonard talks about the over reaching punishments for kids.

Some of the better quotes from the article:

"There is a stark disconnect when we spend so much time making guns seem deeply cool - and then punish a child for being enticed by them."

"...remove human judgment from the equation. Pretend all infractions are created equal. Treat the girl who brings Midol to class like a heroin dealer. Treat the kindergartner who kisses a classmate on the cheek like a sexual predator."

"There are many things we could do if we were serious about combating school violence. We could beef up mental-health services and in-school counseling for troubled kids, we could require real gun-safety training and real background checks for gun owners, we could mandate they carry insurance on their weapons.

Instead, we crack down on boys making finger guns and shooting sounds