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Shots fired to stop robbery at neighbors house; charges possible (California)

A Bakersfield, California man is a hero to his neighbors and a possible criminal to law enforcement.

On Tuesday morning (March 11th), the local hero heard aloud noise and witnessed a man leaving his neighbors house carrying a big screen television. The man got into a white pickup truck and sped away.

An hour later, the same criminal showed back up at the neighbor's house and came out carrying more property. This time the local hero yelled at the burglar to stop yet the burglar ignored him. That's when the witness grabbed his firearm and fired warning shots.

Ray Pruitt of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office said, "This witness observed these suspects commit a burglary at his neighbor's house across the street. He did what he was supposed to do. He called us and reported it to us."

Neighbors agree that the man did the right thing.

"I think that a homeowner has the right to protect their home and their property, and the way I understand it, the neighbor across the street was trying to protect his neighbor’s property," said Janet Goff, who's lived on the block for more than 40 years. "I would want them to do that for me."

"They would have stripped the house completely of everything that was in there, but that was stopped because of what he did," said O.J. Droppers who has lived in the neighborhood for 15 years.

Of course, since it's warning shots and it's California, the District Attorney's office is considering whether charges will be filed.

In some states, you are justified to act when you see someone in the commission of a crime. Do you know how your state handles this situation?