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Startled from sleep by intruders resident shoots 2, kills 1 (Texas)

The son of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jones shot at two intruders Friday afternoon (March, 14th), wounding one and killing the other. At the Dominion Park apartment complex in Harris County, Texas deputies found one man dead at the bottom of the stairwell and evidence that another man was wounded.

The two men, possibly with the help of an additional accomplice according to neighbors, tried breaking into the home using a crowbar. The noise woke Pastor Jones's son. Originally, he thought it was his brother playing a joke on him. But when he looked out the peephole, he knew it was a far more menacing situation and armed himself. As the thugs forced the door open, the Pastor's son saw a gun in the hands of one of them and opened fire, striking both men.

"They used a crow bar," neighbor Gakayla Render said. "He saw the gun come around the corner and he started firing."

That was the official report. Pastor Jones says there is more to the story. "What they're not telling you is that these guys came prepared to rob my son. They had duct tape. They had hand ties. They had tool boxes," said Jones. "I hate the fact that somebody’s child got shot, but it could have been my son."

"No one deserves to get killed," said neighbor Tasha Hopkins. "But if you do wrong there's a price to pay for it."

Render said everyone who lives at the apartment complex is talking about how the tenant was targeted, "You see this kid and he's living here. He's well dressed. He’s well taken care of. When you see him with his friends, they're the same. You have other young guys who see that, and they're envious. They want that. They want to be a part of that, or they want to have that."