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South Carolina pub calls concealed carriers losers and douchebags

The owner of Backstreets Pub & Deli in Clemson, South Carolina has made his opinion on the Second Amendment perfectly clear when he posted his new sign on the front door of the business.

The simple sign reads: "NO CONCEALED WEAPONS ALLOWED. If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business. Douchebag."

Personally, I can't tell if he's calling gun owners Douchebags or if he's signing the letter and his name is Douchebag. I prefer to go with the assumption that his name is Douchebag. At the very least, he'll always be a Douchebag to me.

If you want to let them know your thoughts on this, feel free to call owner Peter Matsko at (864) 653-7581. This is the restaurant's public number as we would never disseminate private information on any person.

Oh, and a pic of the sign just for good measure:

Posts: News / South Carolina pub calls concealed carriers losers and douchebags

Posted By: Michael
03/18/14 06:54 PM

Don't worry criminals, this probably doesn't apply to your guns since you most likely won't be concealing them anyways.
Posted By: barstoolguru
03/18/14 07:25 PM

Pete said the local community has rallied behind his pub, but the national backlash has caused him to take his phones off the hook.