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Gun grabbers heartbroken! Defensive gun use in Chicago (Illinois)

Much to the chagrin of firearms-hating politicians everywhere, a Chicago area homeowner used his firearm to defend himself and his home from a brazen daytime robbery attempt.

The case seems straightforward - police believe the 26-year-old robber was unaware anyone was home at the time he broke in. After he entered the home he was confronted by the resident, holder of a Firearms Owner Identification Card (it really creeps me out to even write that term). The homeowner fired several rounds from a small caliber pistol, striking the intruder in the side.

Wounded, the criminal fled the home but was found just a few blocks away by police. He was taken into custody and treated at a nearby hospital.

"We're starting to see more and more of them [daytime burglaries], so that's one thing we really stress to people that do stay home, or are in the neighborhoods during the day; if you see somebody that’s not supposed to be there, or something’s just not right, don't just write it off that 'Oh, maybe it's just the cleaning lady over at the neighbor's house, or maybe it's a relative there.' You really do need to call 911," Kane County Sheriff’s Lt. Pat Gengler said.

Does Lieutenant Gengler think the homeowner should have called 911 and hoped? And what will those Chicago area politicians do with the story about how they need more gun control, not less given that even the Chicago papers are starting to cover defensive gun uses?