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Home invader takes shotgun blast to the balls (Arizona)

Sal Anthony Olmos decided he was going to "do whatever needed to be done" over money he claims he was owed. So, like any good American, Sal got some friends to put on hoodies and help him out. Before they left, Sal and his two friends made sure to pick up black zip ties, firearms, and a little meth just to stay in the festive spirit.

Olmos's and his band of merry men arrived at an Apache Junction, Arizona home just after 8p.m. Monday night. The 59-year-old resident heard a commotion and looked at footage from his security camera to see three figures wearing hoods and holding guns.

As Olmos and his homies started banging and kicking on the back door to the home, the homeowner responded - by firing his shotgun through the door at groin level.

Another person inside the home fired a shot through the door after seeing a laser pointing at him from outside. Olmos and his pals opened fire into the home - Pinal County Deputies found rounds from three different caliber handguns - and fled the scene after showing how tough they were. Olmos was unable to keep up with his friends (I wonder why) and was found in a neighboring yard. Of course his friends abandoned him and fled the scene. Police did find zip ties, hoodies, and a .45 caliber handgun near Olmos.

Olmos was booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention center on charges of first-degree burglary, four counts of aggravated assault, shooting into an occupied structure, misconduct involved weapons and possession of a dangerous drug.

And he gets to tell everyone in jail how he took a shotgun blast to the balls.