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Woman holds intruder at gunpoint for 23 minutes, thanks firearms training (Oregon)

Lisa Atkin of Junction City, Oregon told reporters she is thankful for the extensive firearms training she and her family took at the Oregon Firearms Academy after coming face to face with an intruder last Wednesday.

Lisa was home sick from work and resting in bed around 9a.m. when her dogs started making a commotion. Lisa was still writing if off as the puppies when she says, "...the noise came more in the house I decided I needed to get my handgun from my nightstand and proceed cautiously through the house".

As Lisa searched the house she came across an intruder, identified by police as Joseph Baker, and confronted him. "That’s when I took the gun from its holster and commanded the person to stay still and get down on the floor and asked him what he was doing in my home," she said. While holding Baker at gunpoint Lisa called 911.

And waited for 23 minutes while keeping Baker at gunpoint.

According to Lisa, "Twenty three minutes is a long time and while most people in town wouldn't have to wait that long for a response, it was an incredibly quick response for where we live. Without that training the outcomes could've been a little different so I’m blessed to be here today".

If you're carrying daily or keeping a firearm in the home... have you gotten any training?