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Beaten with a bat, maintenance worker kills 2 of 3 attackers (Wisconsin)

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin maintenance worker shot and killed two of three armed attackers last Wednesday (March 12th) around 1p.m.

According to reports, 39-year-old Jeremy Rossetto was accosted by an unidentified 21-year-old man, 19-year-old James Bell Jr., and 17-year-old Anmarie Miller. The confrontation devolved to the teenagers holding Jeremy down while the 21-year-old man beat him with a baseball bat.

Jeremy is a licensed concealed carrier and, under armed attack from three individuals he feared for his life - like any sane person would. Jeremy drew his firearm and opened fire, striking Bell and Miller and holding the 21-year-old at gunpoint.

When police arrived they found Bell and Miller dead on the scene and placed the 21-year-old under arrest on charges of substantial battery. Jeremy was also placed under arrest on two possible counts of intentional homicide. Friday, Jeremy was released from police custody and there are no charges expected to be filed.

Police have also received a copy of video footage of the beating and shooting taken by a witness to the incident.