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Burglar caught on video, flees armed homeowner (Florida)

St. Petersburg, Florida police have arrested a man wanted for a late night burglary around 1:50 Monday morning. Police say 30-year-old John Dukes entered the house through an unlocked rear sliding door and wrapped a scarf around his face.

As can be seen in this home security camera footage, the burglar calmly walks around the home going through the family's belongings while they sleep. Dukes moved from room to room adding to his planned loot.

As Dukes entered the bedroom - where the residents were sleeping - his trip came to an end. One of the residents awoke and pulled a gun on Dukes, causing him to flee the scene.

The United States Marshall's Service Fugitive Task Force was contacted as Dukes was wanted in connection to a string of recent home invasions, break-ins, and burglaries. The Fugitive Task Force found Dukes and took him into custody yesterday (March 20th).