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He picked the wrong girl; homeowner opens fire on intruder (Oklahoma)

"It was by far the scariest moment of my life," said Lacey Nunnally of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. What's she talking about?

A public menace in a white hoodie tried to kick down her front door. Lacey was scared and she armed herself. Finally the criminal decided to break a window to gain entry. Wrong choice!

"I tried to warn him I was home. As soon as he broke my glass, I shot at him. This guy didn't know it, but he picked the wrong girl", said Lacey of her experience.

It seems the would be intruder had gone on a one man crime spree in Lacey's neighborhood - breaking into cars, vandalizing homes, and attempting to break into another nearby home. He didn't get away with much because Lacey's gun shots made him drop his loot and flee the scene.

Luckily a neighbor caught the man on video and Oklahoma City Police are asking anyone with any information to contact Crime Stoppers. I'm just glad Lacey armed herself and defended her home. I would imagine he won't be coming by again any time soon.

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