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Don't Mess With Propane; Robber gets shot in the ass (Texas)

"I walked off and acted all nonchalant, called the sheriff's office and grabbed my shotgun," said Waco North RV park owner Charles Stanley. Around 4a.m. Monday Stanley encountered the trio of Dustin Lauderdale, Carrie Looney and Kelli Walker between 3a.m. and 4a.m. on his nightly rounds.

The three were near an open RV with a multitude of propane tanks. Police asked Joe how he knew the three were burglars. His answer was quite simple, he knew the RV was unoccupied. That's when Joe made his nonchalant walk and grabbed that shotgun.

As Joe confronted the trio, 22-year-old Lauderdale started to flee the scene. Joe let the shotgun ring once and peppered Lauderdale's ass with birdshot - literally. "When he took off running, he pulled out a hand out of his sweatshirt, looked like he had a pistol in his hand. I was afraid he would shoot me so I fired at him," Joe said.

Stanley says it made him sick to fire his gun and he's just glad it didn't hurt Lauderdale any worse.

A quick shout out to the greatest Texas law enforcement name we've scene. The officer speaking with the press on this case was... McLennan County Sheriff’s Office captain M. R. “Bubba” Colyer