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Whoever got through that door would absolutely have been shot (Michigan)

"Whoever got through that door would absolutely have been shot," Gregory Lindsey said. Gregory's home in Detroit has been targeted twice this weekend. Friday, his TV and Xbox were stolen. When thugs tried again on Sunday, they were in for a surprise.

Gregory had reinforced his side door with plywood and a 2x4 making it a much harder target. His 16-year-old son Malik was downstairs doing homework when he heard the banging - what turned out to be a group of five or six boys trying to break in. Greg grabbed his gun, a HK 416 rimfire pistol that shoots .22LR, and rushed outside to confront the boys.

Most of them fled but he was able to catch one of the criminals, a 13 year old boy. Gregory and the 13 year old sat on his porch with the boy at gunpoint for 20 minutes while waiting for police to arrive (give it up to Detroit PD for that lightning fast response). As they sat there, the boy told Gregory that his friends were the ones who stole the XBox and television on Friday.

It turns out the 13 year old is also a suspect in another robbery back in January.

I'll leave you with a great quote from Gregory:
"Youre trying to come into my home to either take something or maybe take a life. And that's not going to happen here as long as I'm here."