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Syringe wielding addict is stopped by concealed carrier (Michigan)

Holy. Hell. Detroit really is a city going to hell in a handbasket.

Long story short, a concealed carrier came to the rescue of a Home Depot loss prevention officer who was being stabbed with a syringe by a heroin-addicted shoplifter.

Joshua J. Silva, a 26-year-old confessed heroin addict, was confronted by store loss prevention officers from the Home Depot after he shoplifted a $180 drill by hiding it under his coat. Silva pulled a contaminated needle from his jacked and began stabbing officers with it.

Silva made contact with the syringe, stabbing one of the officers more that five times. As the fight escalated a customer, who is a concealed pistol licensee, drew his handgun and ordered Silva to drop the syringe and get on the ground. Silva complied but tried to run when he heard police sirens arriving. Officers apprehended him shortly after.

The Good Samaritan told officers he got involved because he feared Silva would seriously harm or kill one of the loss prevention officers.

According to police, the syringe had an unidentified residue in it and was sent off to the Michigan State Police lab to be tested for any communicable diseases. Police also will be seeking a search warrant to have Silva tested for any infectious disease that could have been transmitted to the loss prevention officer.

The Good Samaritan has requested to remain anonymous.