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Well trained woman points large caliber handgun, invader flees (Pennsylvania)

A Pennsylvania woman is getting kudos from law enforcement after she stopped a home invader with a large caliber handgun. It happened just before 8a.m. Thursday morning (March 27th) when the a man started kicking at the front door of the home.

A 31-year-old woman was the only person home at the time. She called 911 and grabbed her handgun; police say she has extensive handgun training. The intruder, identified as 19-year-old Cory R. Gootee, managed to kick in the front door. As Gootee walked into the living room he was met by the woman and her large caliber handgun. With the gun leveled at him the woman ordered him not to come any closer.

"It was very traumatic for her, but she was also very confident in her (gun-handling) abilities - and she used every one of them that morning," said Police Chief Greg Bean.

Gootee obeyed and actually left the house. Responding officers found him on the porch of a nearby neighbors home. It seems he was yet another intoxicated person who wandered to the wrong house and try to broke in... the third one to be confronted by an armed homeowner this month.

The armed woman asked for only minor charges against the drunk intruder and for him to pay for the repairs to the door. Police arrested him on charges of criminal mischief.

"Legally, you don't have to ask questions," Bean said. "But she took the time to try to understand what was happening (despite the fact) she definitely was in fear for her safety."