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Chicago intruders pick wrong home; off-duty officer opens fire (Illinois)

Chicago. The city name is enough to evoke images of rampant violence and disarmed citizens whom are unable to protect themselves. While the process is changing for the better, it's still a safe place to be a criminal.

And then there's these three guys.

It was around noon on Friday when someone rang the doorbell at a Chicago home. The resident wasn't expecting anyone so he assumed it was a solicitor. He did look outside to see a grey van out front of the home. Moments later he heard someone trying to pry the door open and saw the van back up on the side of the house.

The resident is an off-duty Chicago police officer. He told his daughter to lock herself into her bedroom and called 911. The resident grabbed a firearm and went out through a side door and confronted the would be intruders. He found two men trying to break through the front door and another driving the van.

One of the two men at the door fled up the block while the other tried to make it to the van. As he jumped into the van he pulled a gun on the resident. That action caused the resident to open fire and earned the criminal a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

The driver of the van sped off and led police on a short chase before crashing. Those two were taken into custody while the third suspect is at large. The wounded suspect is in serious condition at Advocate Christ Medical Center.