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Robber has starting pistol, victim has real pistol (Florida)

"I feel like I was so lucky, all he had to do was pull the trigger."

Dermaine Spencer has bought and sold plenty of items off Craigslist before. He admits he never agreed to meet anyone at midnight to buy a cell phone before. "His mother and I said to him, 'You can't go out at that hour of the night. That's not using common sense,'" said Patrice Palmer, the mother of Spencer's 2-year-old son.

Dermaine had agreed to meet Jason Mageau & Duwayne Lewis to purchase a Samsung Galaxy 4 for $280 at a nearby apartment complex. The original deal fell apart and Dermaine left. As he was driving home, the sellers called and said they had reconsidered.

As the three men talked, Mageau grabbed Dermaine's shirt, pulled a pistol - what police later identified as a starting pistol - and tried to rob him. Mageau starting beating Dermaine on the back of the head with the starter pistol. Dermaine reached into the open window of his truck and grabbed his own firearm - not a starter pistol - and shot Mageau in the chest.

Dermaine jumped into his truck and fled the scene, worried for his own safety. He called the police to report the incident, met with officers, and turned over both his gun and the starter pistol used by Mageau, which had been dropped inside the truck.

Meanwhile Lewis went to the Coral Springs Police Department and reported he and Mageau had been robbed by Dermaine. That story held up for all of about 5 minutes... "when confronted by the evidence to the contrary, Duwayne Lewis eventually changed his story and told investigators more of the truth," police said in an affidavit. Lewis also admitted that the deal on the cell phone was part of their plan to rob someone.

Dermaine says he's done with Craigslist. As for Lewis? He was arrested and charged with felony murder based on the Florida statute where a person who assists in a crime that leads to a death may be charged in that death.