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Chicago Concealed Permit Holder Shoots Two Thugs (Illinois)

A Chicago area man parked his car in his garage and started to walk towards his home. As he walked two thugs stepped into the walkway, impeding him from getting home. One of the thugs drew a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at the man.

In the old days, our trust resident would have either:

A) Been robbed

B) Been robbed and beaten
C) Been robbed and shot
D) Been shot just because thugs wanted to shoot someone.

But those days are fading away and Chicago residents have had their rights retuned... somewhat. How do people who have the right to defend themselves act? By defending themselves.

Rather than be a victim the man drew his lawfully owned and concealed handgun and fired multiple rounds at the thugs. Neither thug was hit but both hauled ass away from there - and perhaps both realize not everyone is a victim in Chicago anymore.

Congrats to what appears to be the first defensive gun use in Chicago by a concealed carrier reported in the media

Posts: News / Chicago Concealed Permit Holder Shoots Two Thugs (Illinois)

Posted By: Michael
04/05/14 11:57 PM

good to hear.
Posted By: barstoolguru
04/06/14 10:06 AM

good to hear what? that the man sent several bullets into the dark not knowing what they where going to impact?

the man who took out his own gun and managed to fire several times at the males

owning a gun isĀ  more then just owning a gun ... its knowing how to use it too.

The males fled the area without being struck and the shooting did not result in any property damage, police said.

and BULLSHIT, several bullets and no damage...great police work once again