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Laundromat robber throws hammer, owner throws lead (Ohio)

A Dayton, Ohio thief is out of action today after being shot in the leg trying to rob the Laundro-Mania Coin Laundromat. The robber had stolen money from that same laundromat before and police had been looking for the man for some time. Police are not releasing his name yet but say they are happy he is finally under arrest.

This time the thief was using a hammer to open the machines and steal quarters. There was a confrontation when the thief realized the owner was in the store - so he took the hammer and threw it at the owner.

He missed, but the owner pulled out a gun and fired. The first shot broke the window of his office and the robber started to drop his bag of quarters and flee. The second shot caught the robber in the leg.

Police caught the thief a few blocks away and took him into custody. The store owner isn't facing any charges.