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Detroit concealed carrier breaks up mob, stops beating, never draws gun (Michigan)

Deborah Hughes was home Monday when just after 4p.m. when she heard a commotion across the street. "I looked out the window and saw that the boy had been hit, so I threw on my coat and ran out there," said Hughes, who is retired from the St. James Nursing Center in Detroit.

The boy, 10-year-old David Harris had been riding his bicycle when he was accidentally struck by Steven Utash.

Before Deborah left her house, she grabbed her .38 caliber handgun. According to her, "You have to carry a gun around here. This neighborhood is terrible. I don't walk around without my gun."

Deborah went over to treat David and told his father to leave him alone as she was a nurse. The boy was crying so much that Deborah's first reaction was to talk to him and try to calm him down.

As she was administering basic first aid and trying to calm David down, Deborah saw Utash get out of his truck and coming running, asking about David's condition. Then the crowd attacked Utash. The small mob was punching and kicking Utash as he screamed out.

Deborah ran towards the mob to intercede. "I said 'Please don't hit him anymore,' and they backed up. Everybody cleared the way and gave me room to work on him. Nobody cussed me; they didn't attack me. They just let me do what I needed to do," she told reporters.

Utash was already unconscious at the time so Deborah massaged his neck to increase circulation. While this helped him wake up, he woke up violently swinging and kicking. EMS arrived, got him on a stretcher and transported him to the hospital for treatment.

To all the gun control advocates who say gun owners are just looking for a reason to shoot... Deborah Harris saw a mob attacking a single man and ignored her gun. She de-escalated the situation without resorting to violence and I'm willing to bet she was more confident getting involved knowing she was armed if the crowd hadn't stopped or had turned on her.