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Retired police officer sues California after being denied CCW (California)

Allison "Ally" Jacobs became a nationally recognized name when she lead the rescue of Kaycee Dugard from Phillip Garrido, the sex offender who held Dugard captive for 18 years. Less than a year later, Ally suffered an on duty injury and was given a medical disability retirement in April of last year.

Recently, Ally applied for a concealed carry permit - something available to all retired law enforcement officers in California (and nationwide) and he application was rejected. Why?

Ally was told she is ineligible for a retired officer card with an endorsement to carry a concealed weapon because UC Berkeley, in a policy shift, no longer considered her and others receiving disability income to be "retired". No other public retirement plan in the California system that has made a similar change.

Jacobs' attorney, Michael Morguess, said UC Berkeley officials were "playing semantics" with officers who "put their lives on the line at UC Berkeley and got injured in the course of performing their duties."

"The fact is all officers are targets the rest of their lives whether retired or not," Ally said. "A big target is painted on my back, and I fear I will not be able to not only protect myself, but my family if the need arises."