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Meth-addicted felon threatens armed homeowner and loses (Texas)

"When you hear too many gunshots while it's nighttime, you know something is happening," said Sarah Mayne of the shooting near Ben Wheeler, Texas late Wednesday night (April 9th, 2014).

It was around 10:30 that night when 40-year-old Michael Todd Brown arrived at a residence under the influence of meth. Brown exited his car and started randomly shooting his 9mm pistol and screaming threats at the homeowner. Brown had been at the property earlier in the day and was told to leave and not return. He probably should have listened.

The homeowner came out and told Brown to leave again. According to investigators Brown was trying to lure the homeowner into a confrontation. He succeeded, but he didn't count on the homeowner being armed as well. Multiple shots were fired and Brown was wounded. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

In addition to being high on meth, Brown was on probation for aggravated assault with a deadly weapons. I can't imaging his death having much of a negative impact on society.

"It is sad and unfortunate that another law abiding citizen was forced into a situation wherein he had to shoot and kill another individual in self-defense. It's becoming painfully apparent that decent people are tired of the drug addicts, the drug dealers, burglars, rapists, and thieves who wreak havoc on our community," said Van Zandt County Sheriff Michael Lindsey Ray.