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WW2 vet tells intruder to go to hell, wife grabs gun (Ohio)

"I was so proud of him when he told me he was going to college. I thought that was great and let him come in and use the phone," 89-year-old Ruby Mathis said of Robert Kelly. Kelly had previously done odd jobs for the elderly Mathis and her husband Hugh Mathis.

Kelly used the story of needing to use the phone to talk his way into the house. Once inside, he pulled a knife on Hugh, a 92-year-old World War II veteran. Hugh had no interest in turning over his money. "He stuck the knife out there and said 'Give me your money,' and I said 'You go to hell!'" Hugh Mathis said.

Ruby said, "They were talking real low, and I came in to see what it was and when I did he was standing in front of Hugh with a knife saying, 'Give me the money out of your pocket'. When I heard that I ran to the bedroom and got the gun".

When Kelly saw the octogenarian wielding the gun, he hauled ass out of there. According to Hugh, "He ran out the door. I was getting up to get a club and then I was going to work him over real good".