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Machetes and Bear Spray and Shotguns, Oh My! (Washington)

Just before 2 o'clock Tuesday morning (April 8, 2014), a Spokane Valley, Washington family woke to see their motion detecting lights activated and hearing sounds in the garage. The home had been burglarized multiple times in the last week so the lights were a new addition.

With sounds of people in the garage, the homeowner did what any law abiding citizen in timber country would do... he emptied an entire can of bear spray into the garage. As you can imagine, the two burglars didn't want to stay any longer and jumped out the garage window.

One of them, a 17-year-old, was armed with a machete. Another resident of the home confronted the boy, armed with a shotgun. The armed resident told the teenager stop but the boy ignored him and advanced. A warning shot from the .410 shotgun ended that advance.

The teenage criminal dropped his machete, his backpack, and his pretense of being a badass as he lay down on the ground.

When authorities arrived they found the 17-year-old now zip tied and still on the ground. He was taken into custody and and charged with burglary. An air pistol was found on the scene and led authorities to the other burglar, 19-year-old Raynee D. Moore, who was booked on suspicion of felony burglary.