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Jewelry store robbers meet armed store owner - 1 robber dead (California)

There's one less criminal terrorizing Antioch, California today after an armed robber met an armed jewelry store owner Friday afternoon.

Just before 4:30p.m., two armed thugs walked into Hardy Nix Jewelers and demanded the employees turn over cash and jewels. What they found was an armed store owner who is very proud of the family business.

The store was opened in 1947 and is not operated by the original owners daughter and her husband.

While the criminals were making demands, the owner drew a gun and opened fire. Several shots were exchanged, a customer was wounded, and both robbers fled. Okay, one of the robbers fled... the other one just tried to flee.

Authorities arrived to see a wounded man just outside the store entrance and pronounced him dead at the scene. The second criminal fled and was not found in the area by police.

The wounded customer was transported to the hospital and will make a full recovery.