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Another day, another woman uses a gun to stop her abusive boyfriend (Texas)

Just like we showed in our Defensive Gun Use report this month, women use their firearms to defend themselves and their families from danger each and every day. The most recent example is the shooting of Marc Mathison of Texas.

"Mr. Mathison is not a stranger to law enforcement. He has had issues in Gregg County and here. He was most recently arrested here for a retaliation charge. It stemmed from another event that happened in Kilgore," Harrison County Sheriff's spokesperson Jay Webb said.

The "issues" in Gregg County included aggravated assault, deadly contact, domestic violence, and weapons charges. The Kilgore, Texas police department went so far as to put out an officer safety bulletin about him after he was following police officers home from the station.

Police responded to a call from Carolyn Faye, who identified herself as Marc's girlfriend, stating she had shot and killed him. According to police the shooting appears to be self defense and no charges will be filed.

Fun fact: Mathison ran for Mayor of Kilgore in 2013. His opponent had almost twenty times the number of votes he did (584-30).