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Armed father greets intruder with .357 Magnum (Ohio)

Just after midnight Friday morning Woodlawn, Ohio police were dispatched to a call of a man trying to break into a house.

That call was from 26-year-old Martha Smith. Martha had been sitting with her mother, enjoying hot tea and talking. Their bucolic evening was interrupted when a man - now identified as Mark Montgomery - started banging on the window and shouting. Martha's mom, Mary Smith, said she had the impression that he was trying to run from something.

Montgomery grabbed a bench from the front porch and broke the window. Martha ran upstairs, woke her father, and retreated to her room to call 911. She told a dispatcher: "Somebody is breaking into my house. I don't know what is going on," according to a recording of the call.

Martha's father, Phillip Smith, was already grabbing his .357 Magnum from the closet. He went downstairs and, not knowing if Montgomery was armed, yelled at him to stop. By then, Montgomery was halfway through the window so Phil fired a single shot.

"While I was on the phone with the dispatcher, I heard one gunshot. It was terrifying," Martha said. "The person pounding on the window had been shouting the whole time"

Montgomery fled the scene and was later tracked down by police dogs and placed under arrest.