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Defensive Gun Use in New York? You don't say...

In our Defensive Gun Use Report for March there were two pizza delivery people who defended themselves. Monday, there was another.

We'll go through the story but the part that stands out is that this happened in New York and made the media. DGU's in New York are almost always kept out of the press - likely to help promote the anti-gun agenda out of Albany and NYC.

Around 10:30 Monday night (April 14th, 2014) a pizza delivery driver from an undisclosed store pulled up to a Buffalo, New York home. As the driver stood in the front hallway of the home a gang of masked men attacked him. One of the attackers, identified as 18-year-old DeJuan Coleman, hit him over the head and displayed a gun.

The delivery driver drew his own gun and opened fire and struck Coleman twice.When authorities arrived, they transferred Coleman to Erie County Medical Center to treat gunshot wounds to his abdomen and arm. He is under guard and awaiting arrest on a charge of first-degree robbery.

The delivery driver was treated for cuts and bruises and released.