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Woman shoots as stranger drives erratically, blocks road (Alaska)

Resource: http://www.battl
A North Pole, Alaska (yes, it's a real city) woman was driving Thursday (April 10th, 2014) when a she realized she was being followed by an unknown man, now identified by police as Sunny James Nielson in a green Chevrolet sedan. The man was tailgating, flashing his high beams and being a general pain in the ass.

As she pulled up to an intersection he became much more aggressive and dangerous. He pulled alongside her car and swerved towards her, forcing her to drive towards the shoulder. Next he accelerated past the woman, turned his car sideways and blocked the road.

The woman was not a helpless victim. She drew her handgun and made it clear to Nielson that she was armed. According to the police report, Nielsen saw the gun and challenged the woman who fired a single warning shot into the pavement in front of his vehicle before speeding away.

Nielsen didn't get the message and continued to follow her until police were able to stop him.