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Elderly man baits burglars, opens fire (Alabama)

"What we have here is a pretty savvy homeowner that has had enough of these thugs coming his way,'' Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian said. "If I were them I would steer clear of him. Hopefully we can lock them up before they get themselves killed."

An elderly Jefferson County, Alabama man had been burglarized twice in just the past two weeks and he was sick and tired of it. So he set a trap.

Rather than park in his driveway Sunday morning (April 13th, 2014) he decided to park down the street and walk back. He armed himself with his pistol and took a seat on his couch to wait. He didn't have to wait long.

Just after 9a.m. sheriff's deputies received calls of shots fired in the area. Neighbors told deputies two men had been seen at the elderly mans home just before the shots rang out. When officers arrived, the homeowner was standing in his driveway.

It seems the elderly man saw someone inside his home look around the corner, down the hall to where he was sitting. The intruder took off running an fled the scene. The homeowner gave chase but was unable to catch him.

As he turned around to return to the home he saw anotherman exiting his home. The homeowner fired two shots into the ground and both men fled to a waiting blue, two-door Pontiac with a female driver and sped off.

The intruders entered the home by breaking the back window.

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Posts: News / Elderly man baits burglars, opens fire (Alabama)

Posted By: barstoolguru
04/17/14 01:50 PM

they will be back but this time they will be armed. he did nothing but let them know he has a gun
Posted By: Gosnilla
04/23/14 10:48 AM

Barstoolguru you are a fool if you think anyone is coming back for revenge. They were there to steal from an easy mark. Not that they know not only is he smart enough to fool them but able to kill them they won't be in the area again. Even if the bad guys have guns they don't want to end up in a shootout.