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Business owner kills 1 criminal, gets wounded by accomplices (California)

A 68-year-old California plumbing company owner is recovering today from multiple gunshot wounds to his legs after a robbery of his business turned into a gunfight

The story begins just after 1 o'clock Friday morning (April 18th, 2014) when the man's wife heard noises outside their home. The couple live in a mixed use property with their plumbing business out front and their residence in the back.

His wife woke him and told him she heard the noises, so he grabbed his .45 caliber pistol and went to investigate.

The owner startled one of the intruders, identified by police as Pierre Reddrick Jr., and shot him in the chest. Reddrick was seriously wounded and managed to flee over a fence despite bleeding profusely.

It was then that several accomplices of Reddrick came back onto the property and opened fire on the owner. Struck in the legs several times, he was able to stay alert when police arrived but was air lifted to John Muir Medical Center for treatment.

The wounded criminal was driven to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead. The three men who drove Reddrick to the hospital claimed to be good Samaritans but police have stated they were accomplices to the crime and at least one of them is the shooter of the owner.