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Armed thugs meet armed combat veteran (Connecticut)

A National Guard Staff Sergeant found himself in a combat situation at home - in Hartford, Connecticut. The Staff Sergeant deployed twice to Afghanistan with the 102nd Infantry Regiment.

Just before 2:30 Saturday morning (April 19, 2014), the Staff Sergeant encountered two cars blocking the road he was driving on. He honked and asked the drivers of both cars - identified by police as Leanardo Vasquez and Edwin Franqui - to let him pass.

Vasquez and Franqui drove off but quickly turned around and came back. Franqui then rammed the Staff Sergeant's car head on. Vazquez got out of his car and drew a gun on the Staff Sergeant, asking him if he had a problem.

The Staff Sergeant drew his legally concealed handgun and opened fire on both suspects, striking Vasquez in the chest.

Despite the wound, Vasquez fled the scene and was detained after showing up at the local hospital for treatment. When officers arrived, Franqui was arrested and charged with failing to drive in the proper lane and driving with a suspended license. Once in jail, he damaged a door and a charge of criminal mischief was added.

The Staff Sergeant has asked that his name be withheld by the media.

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