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Man protects wife with 357 Magnum (Texas)

"Usually when people kick in a door and come in on you for a home invasion when you're there, they're not just there to steal your things," said Houston Police. "They're trying to hurt you. It's good these people had a weapon and he was able to protect himself and his wife."

It was shortly before 5 o'clock Sunday morning when a Houston, Texas couple was startled from sleep by the sound of their front door being rattled. The homeowner grabbed his .357 Magnum and his wife called 911.

As the homeowner was heading towards the front door, he suddenly heard the back door break open and saw an intruder. A single shot to the abdomen put the intruder on the ground. The intruder then appeared to be reaching for something and the homeowner fired again, striking the man in the side.

Authorities arrived and transported the intruder to the hospital where he is in critical condition.

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