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Determined robber gets shot, flees with money (Texas)

Just after 9 o'clock this morning, a man entered Lisa's Beer and Wine in Dallas, Texas armed with a chrome handgun. Why chrome? Because if you're going to rob a place, do it with style.

The robber demanded money and the clerk started handing bills from the register. The robber then demanded the clerk open the safe and the clerk told him that the store doesn't have one.

Convinced there was no safe, the robber decided he needed some smokes. Instructing the clerk to get down on his knees, the robber reached up for some smokes.

This is Texas so wouldn't you know it, there's a gun under the counter. When the clerk was ordered to his knees he was able to reach the gun and shoot the robber as he grabbed cigarettes.

The criminal dropped his chrome gun and fled the store with about $300. A female acquaintance came in the store shortly after and identified the robber. As of this moment he is still at large with a large gunshot wound.