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Jewelry store owners use their training to fight armed robbers (Michigan)

In 2010, three armed men robbed Medawar Fine Jewelry in Plainfield Township, Michigan. The owner, Paul Medawar was in his office and managed a brief 911 call before the robbers found him and ordered him off the phone at gunpoint.

As the robbers were leaving, police arrived. A car crash and a four-hour manhunt ended with the three criminals in custody, the jewelry recovered, and a lesson for Paul.

Fast forward to yesterday morning (April 22, 2014) - four armed men entered Medawar Fine Jewelry. While Paul and his son David were inside the main safe, they saw the robbers enter on security cameras. This time, the response was not a 911 call.

One of the criminals shattered a display case of Rolexes while another held an employee at gunpoint and ordered him to open the safe. The employee complied and unlocked the safe - the criminals then pushed him back and started opening the door.

Both Medawars fired and security footage appears to show one of the robbers being struck in the chest.

"We saw the threat; we saw him aiming his gun at us, coming in the door, so we fired and eliminated the threat. And they fled," said David Medawar.

The robbers dropped their loot and fled down a hill behind the jewelry store as police responded in force. Dogs were brought to the nearby North Valley Condos and a local school was locked down.

According to nearby resident Beth Rings, "When you have four to five state police cars all of a sudden show up and then you have them out there with their dogs and their automatic weapons, that is something you normally don’t see in your neighborhood".

"When it first happened in 2010, we felt very helpless. Victims of this horrible, brazen crime," David Medawar said. "So your life changes and we said, "We're going to get trained. We're going to learn how to protect ourselves so we are not a victim anymore.'"

"We went through rigorous training... You’re not as prepared as you think you are. But it's something that changes your life," Medawar continued. "And even when you think you’re prepared and you do fire a shot, it's almost like you're going back to your training."

Police have notified hospitals to be on the lookout for the gunshot victim coming in for treatment. A search is on for the three remaining robbers.

UPDATE: Just five hours after this encounter, the three remaining criminals hit a Detroit area jewelry store.

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