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Robbed in his own driveway? CCW says no (Texas)

The stars at night... are big and bright
(You guys finish the line here).

If you couldn't finish that you're A) not from Texas and B) someone who didn't watch enough of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Around 7:30 Tuesday night (April 22, 2014) Harris County, Texas Constable's responded to a "weapons disturbance" call near the town of Humble.

According to Lieutenant David Escobar, "When officers arrived on the scene, they found a 23-year-old black male on the driveway of the home with multiple gunshot wounds."

It seems the homeowner and his wife were pulling into the driveway of their home when the two thugs approached the car. One of the men reached down towards his waistband - the same motion as if you were going to draw a gun - so the homeowner drew his handgun and opened fire.

As the one assailant was being struck with multiple rounds, his accomplice fled the scene. The wounded man was taken by Lifeflight to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition. His condition has since been upgraded to stable and law enforcement has begun questioning him regarding his accomplices identity.

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