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Abusive husband brandishes gun, concealed carriers open fire (Arkansas)

It was around 7:40pm Saturday May 10, 2014 when 34-year-old Fadi "Frankie" Qandil confronted his estranged wife Tabitha and two friends, Grayson Herrera and Dustin O'Conner, as the three walked to the Malco movie theater at the Central Mall in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

"[Qandil] raised his shirt and showed a weapon within his waistband, began to pull the weapon. The other two were concealed handgun weapon carriers and they pulled their weapons, and there was an exchange of gunfire," said Fort Smith, Arkansas police Sgt. Daniel Grubbs.

In the exchange of gunfire, Qandil received multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso and died. Herrera suffered a single gunshot wound and was released the following day.

Fort Smith Police have an extensive record of domestic problems between Qandil and his wife.

Two off-duty officers were at the mall - one working security at the theater and another in a movie theater. Both heard the shots and ran to the parking lot but the confrontation was already over. Just another reminder that you are responsible for your own protection because response time is based on responding... after the fact.

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