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He robbed a donut shop? That's not a bright idea (Nevada)

It takes a ballsy criminal to try and rob a donut shop. Even if we decide the police and donuts stereotype isn't balls on accurate, you still know there's some truth to it. But that's what Alfonso Montellano tried to do around 11:30p.m. Wednesday (May 14, 2014) when he entered the Donut Hut in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Store owner Seang Sophy told reporters that it's not uncommon for his shop to be full of officers but there were none when this happened. Montellano entered the shop, jumped over the counter and demanded money from Seang's girlfriend who was working behind the counter at the time.

She called out for Seang in her native language (Khmer), telling him to get his gun. As Seang came out with the gun, Montellano tried to take it from him. During a brief struggle, the gun went off striking Montellano in the stomach but he was able to flee the scene. He was arrested when he arrived at a local hospital for treatment of his wound.

It just goes to show that police response can't even be counted on in a donut shop.

Fun fact: Seang is an combat veteran from the Cambodian Army and this was the third time someone tried to rob the store. The first time, Seang was unarmed and a friend took him to a gun show to arm himself. And the second time, he sent three armed assailants running when he fired a single shot at them.

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