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African Store owner opens fire on robbers (Florida)

First generation immigrants begin businesses at a rate higher than typical rate, according to These people also know how much work goes into owning a business and fiercely protect their hard earned business. Two Orlando, Florida pieces of crap scumbags decided to take from just such a man... or try to.

The two men can be seen on security camera footage rushing into the store. According to police, the thugs fired a shot at one of the clerks, pistol whipped another, and grabbed cash from the register. That's when the store owner pulled his firearm from his hip and fired a single return shot, causing the thugs to flee.

According to the owner, "The guy pull a gun and they shoot at me. As soon as they shoot I have my gun here and I just point at them."

The thugs can be seen fleeing - Keystone Kops style - and you can clearly see the gun still in one of their hands. An unknown amount of money was taken from the scene and police are asking for help identifying these robbers.

The store owner has made it clear that he's not scared, "Doesn't matter who you are. I'm sending a message to the bad guys and for my customers. No one can stop me to open this business. I'm going to open every day 9 to 9, God willing".

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