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Homeowner in boxers and bathrobe holds thief at gunpoint (Florida)

"I was wearing my bathrobe and my underwear. I started chasing him," said Chris Edson.

It was around 5:30 Wednesday morning (May 14, 2014) when Chris saw a man, identified by police as 21-year-old Devon Harris, inside his pickup truck. Chris grabbed his handgun and went outside.

Harris was so busy rifling through the truck for items to steal that he was oblivious to the outside world. "I came up and went, 'Tap, tap, tap,' right with the gun, said 'Put your hands up!' He turned, he looked, he put his hands up and then he kept baiting me, putting his hands down. 'Put them up! Put them up!'" Chris explained.

I believe that's called poor situational awareness.

Chris had his wife call 911 while Harris was playing games with Chris - opening the car door a little then settling back in - unaware that those actions are aggressive and Chris would have been justified to shoot for his games. Instead Chris kept his calm. And then Harris jumped to the back seat, opened a door and took off on foot.

Chris gave chase and responding police officers caught up to both men. Harris was found with watches, cellphones, and currency inside his bag. Officers were able to return some of the property before the owners even knew it was missing.

"I have been burglarized before, and I've chased a burglar before. He got away, but not this time. No, not this time," Chris said about his experience.

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