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But he didn't look crazy. Off duty officer kills masked, gasoline pouring invader (Wisconsin)

"The intent that he had [was] to kill," neighbor Elaina Schuh said. "He was going to burn down the place."

It was just after 1 o'clock Saturday morning (May 17, 2014) when police in Plover, Wisconsin were dispatched to the home of a Portage County Sheriff's Deputy after reports of an intruder and a shooting.

Portage County Deputy Tony Gischia returned home that morning with his girlfriend. Inside the home Tony found a masked man pouring liquid all over the inside of the house. After a brief scuffle, Tony drew his handgun and shot the masked intruder - now identified by police to be Charles Jameson, the woman's ex-boyfriend.

The liquid he was pouring? Some kind of flammable accelerant similar to gasoline.

Charles Jameson was a scumbag. There's no better way to put it. His extensive criminal record shows a history of terrorizing the women he dated both while they dated and after they broke up:

- In 2008, he was arrested after stealing his ex-girlfriend's car at gunpoint and was sentenced to four years of probation.

- In 2012, Jameson was accused of strangulation and suffocation, stalking resulting in bodily harm, battery or threat to a witness, and criminal damage to property. All of those charges stemming from a night he broke into his ex-girlfriend's home, beat her, strangled her, and destroyed the apartment.

- In 2013, Jameson was charged with identification fraud and drug charges.

- In 2014, more drug charges! Like I said, he was a scumbag.

Dealing with a shooting is never easy - regardless of how justified - and our thoughts are with Deputy Gischia and his girlfriend.

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